To: Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation, and Sumner Redstone, majority owner of CBS Corporation

60 Minutes Benghazi Exec. Producer Jeff Fager Must Be Dismissed

60 Minutes Benghazi Exec. Producer Jeff Fager Must Be Dismissed

Jeff Fager must step down immediately because of his role in the 60 Minutes Benghazi debacle. If he doesn't step down voluntarily, he must be dismissed.

Why is this important?

The CBS news program 60 Minutes recently produced and aired a critically flawed and wildly inaccurate "news" segment on the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four people including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Jeff Fager, the Chairman of CBS News and the Executive Producer of 60 Minutes, made a decision to broadcast this factually flawed "news" report based solely on the potential monetary benefits provided by sensationalist ratings and book sales.

Since the 60 Minutes report on Benghazi aired on October 27, the single source for the story has been definitely proven to have been lying, and the story has been retracted.1

After stonewalling for days, 60 Minutes finally offered an insufficient apology for its factually incorrect report on Sunday, November 10. However, the so-called apology didn't give a full account of what went wrong, what would be done to make sure it doesn't happen again, or how those responsible would be held accountable.

The fact that CBS produced and broadcasted this piece, based on a single source who was also selling a book published by another arm of the CBS corporate family, calls the entire motivation for broadcasting the piece into question.

To profit off of the controversy surrounding the murder of four Americans cannot be undone with an apology. Jeff Fagan, the Executive Producer of 60 Minutes, must be held accountable for approving the show's plainly inaccurate reporting on the Benghazi attack and attacking those who pointed out its flaws.

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